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We Size You Up

Literally, we do. From technology to fashion, we learn your favorite brands, styles and items.

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We Ship It Out

It's the present you've been waiting for. Completely free, no commitments or fees (yes, really).

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You Enjoy

Try it out and hold on to what you like. Never pay for an item you don't keep, not even shipping.

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Bent on Trends

Capturing the evolution of your look

We don't just ask you to fill out a fancy form. We learn from your every purchase and return. From accessories to electronics, we are constantly mapping your preferences and hunting down items you love (you just don't know it yet).

Personalization meets convenience

Combined with our style algorithms (excuse the nerd talk), our shoppers and stylists constantly revisit your profile to take notes and guide your experience. All the numbers in the world can't replace having awesome things picked by awesome people (that's us).

Impatient? So are we.
Take your time, enjoy!

If it lights up, plug it in. If it laces up, try it on. After 10 days, send back what you didn't love (free, of course). In fact, you can leave it outside your door and we'll come pick it up.

No rushing
No parking
No crowds
No nonsense

No Nonsense

No subscription fees, commitments or order minimums. If you don't like the order preview, swap or cancel the shipment.

Cancel Any Time

If you don't like us anymore, we understand. Let's just see other people for a while. You'll be back though -- we just know it.

Shop Less

Save your time, energy, and gas. Just enjoy what you buy. You might even miss getting harassed by pushy sales clerks.


Did we mention door-to-door shipping and returns are free?

Cause they are.

More importantly, the more items you try out and keep, or return, the smarter we get. After a few shipping cycles, you might even get a little suspicious. No we're not spying on your house (and yes, you did leave the lights on).

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